Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crafting with Kids

So, today we had a Kids Craft playgroup at my house & we felted soap for the kids to use in their baths! The kiddos (aged 3 - 6) wrapped their soap themselves in 2 - 3 layers of fleece. I did a very tiny bit of needle felting to hold the fleece ON the soap during the wet felting. Then, we put the soap in small zip-loc bags, added a bit of hot water, and set the kids to work.

A few of them actually felted their soap themselves, but some of them also got tired of rubbing a bar of soap and Mama had to step in. It actually worked out great because the moms had a great time, too, felting by hand!

All told, each child went home with his or her very own bar of soap and one mama took home one, too! I sure hope they have fun with them!

Scrub a dub!

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