Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Save your shoulder & sling your baby!

When I was first pregnant with my daughter, the thought of "babywearing" was so foreign to me that I simply couldn't imagine why anyone would want to do it. I mean, WHY would you want to schlep your little one around ON you? Wouldn't that be uncomfortable? Heavy? Cumbersome?

And, in face, with the store-bought carriers out there (Baby Bjorn, etc.), it was. Trying to get all the straps in the right place, buckled, not twisted, tight enough, etc., was simply no fun. As such, I never used ours and just carried my daughter. And, as a result of THAT, I ended up with an unusual condition called Clavicular Osteolysis - my clavicle (collarbone) was dissolving, yes DISSOLVING, because of repetitive use. Hurt like a mother & there's no treatment for it. Thankfully, once you stop using your shoulder (yeah....) it will heal itself, and it has, but it was a MISERABLE two years of not being able to lift my arms above shoulder level.

Then, a friend asked me if I'd ever tried a ring sling. Lightweight, easy to use, endlessly adjustable even WITH the baby in it, and much prettier! And, it would SAVE my shoulder! AND they're big enough that my husband can use it, too! Hmmmm... what is this magical sling you're speaking of? :)

So, I asked my mother to make one for me (this was back before I was sewing). ;p


When baby #2 came along, I was fully prepared with a 100% silk sling that I'd made myself (like the one in the pic). The silk is such a great medium for slings; SUPER lightweight, breathable (natural fibers), folds up to about a 5" cube for easy transport, and SO stylish & pretty. Silk is also very strong; I can use it to carry my 35 lb., 3.5 year old in it, too! I had Alexander slung almost every time I picked him up; as such, my Clavicular Osteolysis didn't return. Yay!

It's also so great to be able to hold your little ones when they just need some "mama 'nuggle time" and still be able to get stuff done (like cooking, vacuuming, etc.)! :)

Now, I make and sell the slings on my Etsy shoppe. I wish I could give one to every new mama out there so they, too, can understand what a great thing baby wearing is!

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