Monday, February 15, 2010

When you're sick.... STAY HOME!

Okay, so my husband came home last week complaining that several of his coworkers were in the office even though they were fighting off this stomach bug that's going around. Well, needless to say HE caught it and was out of commission for 2 days last week. I thought that the kids & I had avoided it (yay for Lysol!), but sure enough, last night around 12:30AM my 3.5 year old daughter wakes up wailing & flailing. After about 10 minutes of crying, she gives me the most pitiful look as says, "Mama, I'm gonna throw up". I grab her trash basket & just in time she vomits right into it.

So, she & I were up all night, with her throwing up every 30 minutes or so until about 3AM. Then it slowed down to once an hour until 6. Then, she threw up at 7:30AM and, thankfully, that seems to have been the end of it. It's now almost noon and she hasn't vomited since. The poor thing is so hungry & thirsty, but we're limiting her intake to a sip of water every 15 minutes. Crappy, but it seems to be working. I'm staving off food, though, until after her nap (if she'll let me!).

Anyway, the moral of this story is that IF YOU'RE SICK, STAY HOME. No, you're NOT so important at your office that they can't live without you for a day or two. I PROMISE, corporate America is NOT going to fall apart without you. WASH your hands a LOT, too!

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  1. Oh my god I couldn't agree more! I have a lady in my office that walks around all day cough (WITHOUT covering her mouth!) and gagging all day long. It is so gross and disgusting. I have storgae of lysol wipes and spray and have begun to not be so nice about reminding her to COVER THE MOUTH!