Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet & Greet: Twisted Tree Studio

It’s been a while since my last feature of a fellow Etsian, but here goes! I’d like to introduce you all to Twisted Tree Studio; Eclectic Art & Exquisite Leather Work. The dynamic duo of Jen & Pat live in the Colorado Mountains near Pike’s Peak, which towers 14,000 feet over their little town. Pat is a mason my trade while Jen, a painter & muralist, has worked in offices and retail over the years. They make beautiful leather bags together and Jen also paints & sells murals and handles the web store.

Pat & Jen have been selling their bags for about 3 years, though Pat’s been into leatherworking since his 20’s and Jen has studied art her entire life. She studied in Holland and has an Art. Ed. Degree from here in the US. Believe it or not, though, she’s never taking a class on painting!

According to Jen, they pull their inspiration from “forest and the natural qualities of the hides and stunning stones”. In browsing their Etsy shop, Twisted Tree Studio, you’ll find a great contrast of smooth stone with rough leather and products that FEEL natural, not contrived. Check out the incredible quiver they have in their store now; it certainly makes me want to go in search of Legolas!

Twisted Tree Studio came to Etsy after much research into online communities. They have high hopes for their shop, planning to turn it into “a strong business, with customers all over the world, while maintaining our special level of unique one of a kind art and incomparable craftsmanship that will give us a way to create art for many years to come”. Given that they feel that great customer service and unique products are paramount, I’m sure their shop will be immensely successful!

Fun Facts
Favourite Colour: Purple/Blue
Favourite Food: Jen – Italian, Pat – Spicy, Hot Mexian
Favourite Drink: Coffee, or whiskey & Coke!
Favourite Travels: Jen’s in love with the UK but loves travelling anywhere (a gypsy at heart). They also want to explore jungles and Africa someday!


  1. I love there designs!!

  2. Love ur art jen!
    U have my attention. :)

    Rich Ward